Sash & Case Window Refurbishment
Sash & Case Window Refurbishment

Window Restoration

  • We work with you, the client, who decides on which windows to start on and work to your preference.
  • We dust sheet the entire room and protect as many surfaces as we can.

The Process

  • Remove all old baton rods and parting beads.
  • Remove existing sashes.

Refurbishing The Casement

  • Scrape of existing paintwork, we have found that in order to truly reveal the state of the wood we must first thoroughly expose it in order to replace or repair any rot or damaged wood.
  • Remove all external sand mastic.
  • Replace ALL rotting or damaged wood.
  • Fill any holes/ blemishes in the casement.
  • Apply a layer of foam between the casement and external stonework, This acts as a waterproof barrier between the timber and stone and also acts as a strong adhesive.
  • Once set remove excess foam and apply a straight line of sand mastic around the entire casement. This acts as a final barrier from the elements.
  • At this stage we then thoroughly sand down the entire casement creating an excellently prepared surface for an ideal paint finish.
  • Lastly we install bespoke upgraded, heavy duty pulley wheels in your choice of polished brass, chrome or satin chrome finish.

Preparing The Sashes

  • Remove all old ironmongery.
  • Scrape and remove all existing paint again to reveal original timber allowing a thorough examination.
  • Repair or replace any rotting or damaged timber.
  • Fill and completely sand down sash to create a smooth finish.
  • At this stage we would look for any broken panes of glass or cracked putty, which we replace on site.
  • We then weigh the sashes and either add or remove weights to create a perfectly balanced sash. This allows the sashes to operate smoothly and efficiently.
  • Re-rope the casement using heavy duty sash cord and install new weights.
  • Install the sashes back inside the casement.
  • Once the sashes have been rehung into the casement and flowing efficiently we install specially run parting beads and baton rods with draught excluding brush strip, which eliminates up to 98% of any draughts. Please note that all windows require an element of air flow to act as ventilation for the property, we feel 2% is adequate.
  • We then install period ironmongery from customer specification.   All ironmongery comes in polished brass, chrome or satin chrome.
  • Any windows above ground floor we install an ‘easy clean’ simplex system, which allows the windows to be swung into the room in order to clean glass or external timber. All windows on the ground floor require height restrictors for security purposes.
  • Please be assured that no planning consent is required with this option.
We are very thorough and pay great attention to detail whilst carrying out your window restoration.   We have a very high standard which our skilled and experienced team work hard to maintain.   Hermitage Windows value the wellbeing of our Staff which is paramount to guaranteeing good quality customer care.

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