Traditional sash and case windows have been an iconic part of our evolving architectural landscape since the 17th century.

Hermitage Windows always retains the original window mould of a property when manufacturing new sashes. If we can’t find one in our extensive archive, our workshop craftspeople will take detailed dimensions and templates and run our own cutters.

The preservation of fine details within historic buildings is something that Hermitage Windows takes great pride in and remains at the heart of our company.

From the early 17th century to the early Victorian era there were only a handful of joinery manufacturers in each city and one or two in smaller towns. Therefore, many sash and case windows were manufactured by the same companies.

Windows which were built during a specific period in history contain the same window mould, as cutters were very expensive and often reused. In Edinburgh for example, there is an Old Town mould, New Town mould, Lambs Tongue and Ovollo. These moulds represent different areas of the city, built during different periods throughout history. In some cases, an architect would commission a bespoke mould for the windows of a particularly grand property.

It is our mission to respect and preserve Scottish architectural heritage with the bespoke manufacture, restoration, repair and replacement of timber made sash and case windows.

We strive to preserve the specialist expertise that drives our trade through the transfer of knowledge and skills, training our team to master the art of sash and case window manufacture and restoration.

By taking a thorough approach, ensuring excellent attention to detail and maintaining the highest standards, Hermitage Windows continues its deep appreciation for and sensitive restoration of historic  architecture.