Slimlite Double Glazing


Hermitage Windows specialise in producing glass units for both residential and commercial properties. Advancements in modern glazing enable structures to retain heat, maximise natural light and provide superb thermal efficiency all year round.

Within our manufacturing facilities we offer ‘Slimlite’ double glazing – a product approved by local council authorities and perfect for listed buildings and conservation areas.

Heritage ‘Slimlite’ units are designed with a clear outer self cleaning pane and a selected cavity of 4mm, 6mm or 8mm, with wider cavities increasing in thermal performance.

Cavity insulating inert gas is installed inside the double glazed unit and finished with an inner pane of 4mm low emissivity glass.

The most popular thermal insulation gases used in double glazing are Argon and Krypton gas and will offer improved ‘U’ values in narrower cavity units.

Warm edge spacer bars insulate the edges of the sealed unit, keep the panes of glass apart and maintain the integrity of the air gap that insulates the structure to minimise heat loss.


Hermitage Windows specialise in the restoration and replacement of traditional Cupolas throughout Edinburgh. With extensive experience of creating bespoke glass and timber structures, we restore, re-glaze, manufacture and install cupolas all over the country, including those in communal stairwells.

Skylights and Cupolas are great for allowing more light into your property, however, if not maintained properly they can become draughty and allow water ingress, not to mention the heat loss. Hermitage Windows can expertly Restore and Upgrade your traditional Cupola with high performance modern double glazing. From combination roof designs to fixed glass panels, each design is unique, tailored to your exact style and will enhance your home beautifully.

Within our manufacturing facilities we offer ‘Slimlite’ double glazing with toughened glass – a product approved by local council authorities and perfect for listed buildings and conservation areas.


We carry out stained glass window and vestibule door repairs on-site and in our workshops. New designs are brought to life by our in-house designer in a wide range of coloured and textured glass. Designs can also be incorporated into our double glazed units.

Our in house designer will be more than happy to discuss your unique ideas.

David Bernard 24th July, 2017
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A real dedication to true craftsmanship, highly recommended.
Rosie Daniels29th Septemeber, 2017
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Thanks Alistair and the team. They look even better now they are painted. Absolutely delighted with the work and many people have commented on the great fantastic job you did!
Shona C22nd April, 2017
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Great tradesmen do exist! From first contact to finished windows, I have nothing but good things to say. Professional, polite, helpful, clean, tidy, fast, efficient workmen who arrived each day ON TIME and provided me with really stunning new sash and case double glazed windows. I could not be more pleased with the finished result. Highly recommend this company. Thank you so much.
L Graham13th October, 2015
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‘Excellent Service’ A great service and quality of work. Have already recommended to our neighbour.
Caroline Adam
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Many thanks! Excellent Service! Thank you so much for my new windows.