Old Viewforth Building, Stirling Council Headquarters – Pitt Terrace, Stirling

Old Viewforth is located on Pitt Terrace in Stirling and is a Category B listed building.

The building was originally designed by J W Hay in Scottish Baronial style and completed in 1855. It was the seat of Government for the Royal Burgh of Stirling and eventually became the Headquarters for Stirling Council in 1996.

Our Company, Hermitage Windows, were invited by Stirling Council to carry out Stage One restoration work to all timber sash and case windows.

Old Viewforth is a Listed building and as such we had to work delicately preserving all original materials and ironmongery.

Every layer of paint removed from the timber sections had to be documented and photographed including some items of ironmongery beyond repair.

It is popular nowadays for sash and case windows to be painted white. However, as the layers of ancient paint in Old Viewforth were exposed, it hinted at dark green and brown colours as a popular choice of the day. The intention was for windows to blend in with the stonework. Internally, paint colours varied from Salmon pinks to Georgian blues. More often than not, windows were scumbled with a dark stain to give the appearance of rich mahogany. This was also favoured in Old Viewforth.

Hermitage Windows look forward to renovating the remaining sash and case windows within this wonderful building.

Previously we completed a residential project, working closely with Stirling City Heritage Trust, to renovate traditional timber sash windows. This is a grant scheme available to assist the repair of traditional and historic buildings throughout Stirling.